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PathoSpy is an application that allows for individuals to look up their destination of travel, and provides information about publichealth concerns of that destination. Additionally, members are notified of travel tips, embassy contact, as well as flight and aviation information, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory agencies for the provided destination

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Your Ultimate Travel Companion, Travel Guides, and Disease Awareness


Express, Engage, Inspire: Write Blogs That Captivate, Educate, and Leave a Lasting Impression.


Empowering Knowledge for Travel Safety and Security.

Aviation Authority

IATA: Empowering Air Travel, Setting Standards, and Safeguarding the Global Aviation Industry

Travel Tips

Expert-Backed Travel Tips Unveiled in a Concise and Informative PDF.

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Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?!

Can’t wait to share with my fellow traveling friends.

Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Seamless, Essential. A Must-Have for Every Adventurer!

Innovative and Well Thought Out

Both informative and innovative, this app is a fantastic idea to....